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June 2020 III

It is an extraordinary work: bassist Matthias TC Debus, saxophonist Lömsch Lehmann and drummer Erwin Ditzner have taken on the work of Richard W. The abbreviation suffices to suggest that it is about the musical work of Richard Wagner. As a human being, Wagner was known to be an extremely repulsive journeyman, both the musicians and the label boss agree. However, his music cannot be erased from the history of music and deserves a discussion. The trio has approached Wagner’s musical motifs meticulously and with an elaborate production, penetrating them and interpreting them uniquely.

This release will be the first double LP on fixcel records and will be released in a limited edition as coloured vinyl: Debus / Lömsch / Ditzner – Die Motive des Richard W. (fixcel 21), release date November 2020.

June 2020 II

It is almost a tradition that Erwin Ditzner’s carte blanche concerts at the Enjoy Jazz Festival appear on fixcel records. Not all of them, but every now and then, when the conditions are right and the fellow musicians play along. The series started in 2010 with the recording of Crispell / Ditzner / Gramss on CD. The great performance of Takase / Eberhard / Gramss / Ditzner from 2017 has already been pressed in vinyl and now the duo concert of Chris Jarrett and Erwin Ditzner is also released as LP (fixcel 20). The work is in production, release: October 1, 2020.

June 2020

The latest news are slightly outdated, but pleasingly expanded. It smuggled itself a further CD production, about which I am very pleased: Kirsch / Hein / Ditzner – live @ Hack (rel. July 2020, fixcel 19). This is not only musically an excellent production, recorded live by Niels Reckziegel in the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen at the release of the studio production Kirsch / Hein Ditzner – NERVOUS in 2019, it is also an extraordinary CD, because there are more released records of this band than public appearances. In fact, the three musicians have not yet met again on stage, mainly due to the many international commitments of guitarist Nicola Hein. Let’s see when these three musicians will meet again for a sparkling encounter – the recording from the Hackmuseum is convincing proof that it is absolutely necessary. Release 1.10.2020.

July 2019

In winter 2019 fixcel records will release a remarkable debut album. The saxophonist Fabian Dudek has chosen fixcel records. Felix Hauptmann (p, keyb), David Helm (b) and Fabian Arends (dr) are part of the band.

July 2019

The CD “Nowhere Men” by Claus Boesser-Ferrari and Eugene Chadbourne is on its way to the pressing plant. Release date: October 15, 2019.

March 2019

On June 5, 2019, the release concert of the CD Kirsch / Hein / Ditzner – Nervous will take place as part of the Ditzners Club series at the Hackmuseum in Ludwigshafen. And of course the new CD will be released on fixcel records.

The trio Skulski / Gerigk / Roth played at the Jazzclub Heidelberg The CD “Landgang” was released by fixcel records.

February 2019

December 2018

Takase / Eberhard / Gramss / Ditzner - DITZNERs carte blanche / Live at Enjoy Jazz Fesitval 2017

The recording of Erwin Ditzner’s Carte Blanche from the Enjoy Jazz Festival 2017 has been released on fixcel records. On the LP: Aki Takase (p), Silke Eberhard (sx), Sebastian Gramss (b), Erwin Ditzner (dr).

November 2018

The Ditzner Lömsch Duo opens the second evening at the AKUT Festival in Mainz on November 24th!

Die Fichten play on November 23rd at the 25th Jazztage Dortmund!

The LP “Aki Takase, Silke Eberhard, Sebastian Gramss, Erwin Ditzner: DITZNER’s Carte Blanche – Live at Enjoy Jazz Festival 2017” is also available in a limited photo edition. In addition to the LP with an original photo of the band on the finest Hahnemühle-Photorag paper, in 40×30 format (incl. the white frame). The edition is only 10 copies, the authenticity is documented with the photographer stamp of Frank Schindelbeck. The combination LP & Photo costs 89 Euro incl. VAT including shipping.

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More information about the fixcel photo editions.

Schindelbeck Photo Edition fixcel records - Ditzners Carte Blanche

October 2016

Kathrin Lemke Quartett - Personal Heimat

The last recording of the Kathrin Lemke Quartett was released at the end of October 2016 on fixcel records: My Personal Heimat.

March 2016

Great joy: The CD “Free” made it to the Longlist Prize of the German Record Critics with Sachie Matsushita “Free” at the German Record Critics’ Prize.

Matsushita Ditzner Rek

February 2016

Cody Maher & Jochen Seiterle: Blind Date With Love Cover fixcel records

In the middle of march fixcel records 11 is released. For the first time a recording that is a little bit different from pure jazz: “Blind Date With Love” with the poet William Cody Maher, who reads his lyrics on the CD. Accompanied by the Heidelberg guitarist Jochen Seiterle. And some unusual songs by the two can also be heard.

October 2015

Ditzner Lömsch Duo II (fixcel records)

At the end of October the third LP / CD of the Ditzner Lömsch Duo will be released by fixcel records.

März 2015

Die Fichten - Jazz CD bei fixcel records

March 6, 2015 is the official release date of the CD “Die Fichten” with Leonhard Huhn (sx), Stefan Schönegg (b) and Dominik Mahning (dr)

September 2011


At the beginning of October – just in time for the start of the Enjoy Jazz Festival – a recording of the past year is available at fixcel records. The concert by Erwin Ditzner, Marilyn Crispell and Sebastian Gramss was an enthusiastically celebrated highlight of the festival. The CD with the name “Free Flight” is released in cooperation with Enjoy Jazz. Official release date is February 2012.

Mai 2011

April 2011

Sebastian Gramss + Leonhard Huhn - Far East Suite

The new CD by Sebastian Gramss and Leonhard Huhn is available from April 28th!

April 2011

fixcel records is @ facebook.

April 2011

Good news from fixcel record :-). A new CD is in the final stage of processing and the new work will be released at the end of April. A wonderful duo record with the bassist Sebastian Gramss and the saxophonist and bass clarinettist Leonhard Huhn. They take on the “Far East Suite” by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn in the most wonderful way. Official release date is April 28, 2011.

March 2010

fixcel records 0003 was released in the first week of March. The ingenious duo with the twins Bernhard Vanecek and Roland Vanecek becomes an even more ingenious trio with the drummer Erwin Ditzner. You will hear from the DitznerTwintett!

January 2010


fixcel records 0002 is released! The CD is called like the group: “Netnar Tsinim” and it features young and upcoming talents with an experienced drummer as dynamic center. Alexandra Lehmler (sx), Erwin Ditzner (dr), Bernhard Vanecek (tb) and Matthias “TC” Debus (b).


In the May issue of notes you can read about Schwoine: “…bundle of energy from music is the… Very dynamic and yet airily produced…we also hear a lot of our own – in the truest sense of the word. Anyone who gets carried away by “Schwoine” should definitely also check out the “Klingeltöne” album by the creative duo … check out.


On 7.12.08, 17.00, the Ditzner Lömsch Duo will play in Mattl Dörsam’s studio stage in Fürth. Music is of course the most important thing, but next to it there is a small jazz photo exhibition by Frank Schindelbeck on the walls. With the concert in the studio stage the duo quasi returns to the scene of the crime, because the recordings for “Klingeltöne” and “Schwoine” took place right next door in Matthias Dörsam’s Laukas recording studio.


“Schwoine” and “Klingeltöne” ran in the program hr2 Jazz Now on Thursday 04.12.08 19.30-19.55. Music and moderation: Guenter Hottmann


Ditzner Lömsch Duo - Schwoine (fixcel records)

“Schwoine” is presented in the World of Music at Radio Tonkuhle – Feien Radio Hildesheim by Juli Ndoci.

She already said in advance: “I like it very much, very much even”. We think: the woman has a fine taste and who has the opportunity, should not miss the show – which can also be received over the Internet via live stream


The CD release of “Schwoine” and “Klingetöne” at the Mannheim Klappsmühl was a complete success. The concert was well received, as were the CDs. You can read about it here and here at u1amo01. “Klingeltöne” was CD of the week at – but the review seems to have disappeared again.


fixcel records 0001 – Ditzner Lömsch Duo – Schwoine – is in the pressing plant and will be released at the beginning of calendar week 40 at the latest. In any case, it will still be available absolutely fresh at the CD release concert on 7.10.2008 at the Mannheim Klappsmühl. The concert is organized by the IG-Jazz Mannheim and of course nobody should miss this great highlight of music history 😉

September 2008

18901 – This is the label code of fixcel records. Very nice, now the real fun starts 🙂