Kirsch / Hein / Ditzner – Live @ Hack

Kirsch / Hein / Ditzner - Live @ Hack

Stephan Kirsch / Nicola Hein / Erwin Ditzner – Live @ Hack
CD fixcel 19
Rel. 10/2020

Stephan Kirsch, tb / electric tb
Nicola Hein, e-gt / effects
Erwin Ditzner, dr / perc

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Release: October 2020
Recorded at 2017/5/15 at Wilhelm-Hack-Museum Ludwigshafen
Recording / Master: Tonmeister Niels Reckziegel
Photography & Layout: Frank Schindelbeck

»Of course it sounded completely different than on the record, every performance here is absolutely unique. The approach phase remains surprisingly short. One develops a rhythmic structure, creates increasing intensity. Sounds between beauty and stone saw. Abstract music with surprising allusions to swing and rock.« (Dietrich Wappler)

The first CD by Kirsch / Hein / Ditzner: NERVOUS