Die Fichten

Die Fichten - Cover (fixcel records)

Die Fichten
fixcel 8

Leonhard Huhn, reeds
Stefan Schönegg, upright bass
Dominik Mahnig, drums

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1 Negative Elefanten (SOUNDCLIP)
2 Vasall (SOUNDCLIP)
3 Mogelantrieb
4 Mamchur
5 Holznektar (SOUNDCLIP)
6 Als hübest du
7 Päckchen
8 Wustrow
9 Negative Elefanten (live)
10 Holznektar (live)
11 Mamchur (live)

Total time / 44.07

All compositions by Leonhard Huhn
Recorded in April 2014
Track 1 – 8 in Cologne by Jonathan Hoffmann
Track 9 – 11 live in Konstanz
Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Hoffmann
Linernotes by Sophie Reyer

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Extract from the liner notes by Sophie Reyer

The trio of saxophonist Leonhard Huhn, who wants to be a child again with bassist Schönegg and drummer Mahnig, takes an idiosyncratic path in their new album and listen to them, that is almost as great as flying over spruce forests on a flying carpet. Because free jazz and new music flow together in refreshing grooves:

A tree is a wizard. The elves have disguised themselves as insects and hide between the leaves of the trees. You must be dreaming. You think what you see is real. But wait until night comes with its trough of waves and makes everything dark. Then the colours get other names. Then they laugh at the day. Then the sounds are poems. Or. Come on, giggle with me.

The trio calls their compositions “tone poems” unpretentiously. Already the titles suggest the association of the poetic. Whether “negative elephants” roll through the soundscape, “minions” slurp, whether the “cheat” is the only “drive” and therefore cheekily rocks or whether “wooden nectar” is sipped: Literarily, the names of the individual works suggest themselves.

Other titles, on the other hand, give free rein to the listener’s inner images without giving too much away: “Als hübest du”, for example, means a piece. With the exception of a few deliberately used saxophone jokes, the lifting here is quite relaxed, and may even rest on the repetitions of a single note, which is surrounded by a casual jazz solo.