Lömsch / Debus / Ditzner: Die Motive des Richard W.

Debus / Lömsch / Ditzner - Die Motive des Richard W. Cover

fixcel 21 (DLP), black vinyl, 180 gr.
Rel. 11/2020

Limited edition of 100 copies available, with black and white cover and red speckled vinyl.
25 pieces available as double vinyl with an original photography in the limited -> fixcel Photo Edition.

Purchase vinyl directly from the artist via the website of one of the artists:
Lömsch Lehmann | Matthias TC Debus | Erwin Ditzner

Lömsch Lehmann, cl, sx
Matthias TC Debus, acc bass, voc
Erwin Ditzner, dr

“Only with the power of their instruments, whose sound spectrum they extend into the remote, noisy layers and the occasional use of their voices as a harmonically grounding background, do Lehmann, Debus and Ditzner unfold a musical diorama full of harsh contrasts, constantly in motion, in transformation, marked by rousing clarity and inevitability and free of all the bombast associated with the name Wagner. A great music in delicate form, drastic instead of dramatic”. (Stefan Hentz)